Tweaking widgets

In Macroid tweaking is done with something called… Tweaks! A tweak changes some property of a widget, for example:

textView <~ text("Hello!")

Here text is one of the standard tweaks which are included when you import macroid.FullDsl._ or available separately in macroid.Tweaks._. Using these things, we can improve our layout as follows:

  // set button caption
  w[Button] <~ text("Click me"),

  // set text and hide for the time being
  w[TextView] <~ text("Hello!") <~ hide

  // set layout orientation
) <~ vertical

Of course, we can do much fancier than that! Remember the composability principle? Tweaks are composable as well:

// ContextWrapper is a safer Context wrapper
import macroid.ContextWrapper
// More tweaks
import macroid.contrib.TextTweaks

// A module with custom tweaks
object OurTweaks {
  def greeting(greeting: String)(implicit ctx: ContextWrapper) =
    TextTweaks.large +
    text(greeting) +

Now, we can rewrite our layout more nicely:

  w[Button] <~ text("Click me"),
  w[TextView] <~ OurTweaks.greeting("Hello!")
) <~ vertical

But something is still missing! We need to handle button clicks.