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Helios is a library used to transform Json text into a model and vice versa. It’s based on part of the Jawn Parser built on Arrow, a Functional companion to Kotlin’s Standard Library.

Why Helios

Helios is one of the fastest Json parser libraries in Kotlin with the advantage of using the Arrow library for functional programming.

Adding the dependency

Helios uses Kotlin version 1.3.31 and Arrow version 0.9.0.

To import the library on Gradle, add the following repository and dependencies:

repositories {
    maven { url = uri("https://dl.bintray.com/47deg/helios") }

dependencies {
    compile "com.47deg:helios-core:0.2.0"
    compile "com.47deg:helios-parser:0.2.0"
    compile "com.47deg:helios-optics:0.2.0"
    kapt "com.47deg:helios-meta:0.2.0"
    kapt "com.47deg:helios-dsl-meta:0.2.0"


To see how to start working with Helios, lets take a look to the Quickstart