Compare Benchmarks

The Hood basic task allows you to compare a set of benchmarks with the reference one, printing the result to the console and failing if one of the benchmarks has downgraded values.

The compareBenchmarks tasks have the following parameters:

  • previousBenchmarkPath: File with previous or master benchmark location. By default: master.csv.
  • currentBenchmarkPath: List of files with current or pull request benchmark location. By default: an empty list.
  • keyColumnName: Column name to distinguish each benchmark on the comparison. By default: Benchmark.
  • compareColumnName: Column name of the column to compare (the values must to be a Double). By default: Score.
  • thresholdColumnName: Column name to get the threshold per benchmark. By default: Score Error (99.9%).
  • generalThreshold: Common threshold to all benchmarks overriding the value coming from thresholdColumnName. Optional.
  • benchmarkThreshold: Map with a custom threshold per benchmark key overriding the value coming from thresholdColumnName or generalThreshold. Optional.
  • include: Regular expression to include only the benchmarks with a matching key. Optional.
  • exclude: Regular expression to exclude the benchmarks using its key. Optional.

The include/exclude feature and benchmarkThreshold param use the cleaned key from benchmarks. This means the key for hood.comparing will be Comparing with the capitalization.

Note: Currently Hood only supports CSV and JSON based benchmarks with cross comparison available.

Send output to a file

The task can send the result to a file with the following parameters:

  • outputToFile: Sends the output to a file. By default: false.
  • outputPath: The path to the output file. By default: ./hood/comparison.
  • outputFormat: The output file format; we support two formats: MD and JSON. By default: MD.

Note: To print a JSON output file, all the benchmarks must be in JSON format. CSV benchmarks will be ignored.

Configuration example

compareBenchmarks {
  previousBenchmarkPath = file("$rootDir/benchmarks/master_benchmark.json")
  currentBenchmarkPath = [file("$rootDir/build/reports/hood_benchmark.json")]
  outputFormat = "json"
  benchmarkThreshold = ["Parsing": 500.00]
tasks.compareBenchmarks {
  previousBenchmarkPath = file("$rootDir/benchmarks/master_benchmark.json")
  currentBenchmarkPath = listOf(file("$rootDir/build/reports/hood_benchmark.json"))
  outputFormat = "json"
  benchmarkThreshold = mapOf("Parsing" to 500.00)