A helping hand for generating sensible data with ScalaCheck

The ScalaCheck Toolbox is intended to be a set of libraries that can help rein in the power of ScalaCheck in a sensible way, while not impeding your tests. There are three libraries to help you:

  • datetime: Limit the test data to a certain range of times, and constrain generation to a certain level of precision.
  • magic: Enhance the provided generators with some values that are often used to signal danger, or perhaps something more sinister, such as the Strings “null”, “False” or “Robert’); DROP TABLE Students;–”.
  • combinators: Provide some useful combinators of generators, such as the pairing of a map and a list of values that are present in the map.

View the documentation for more tips on how to get the best from these tools.

Commercial Support

47 Degrees offers commercial support for the scalacheck-toolbox library and associated technologies. To find out more, visit 47 Degrees’ Open Source Support.


This library is for use with ScalaCheck: the property-based testing framework for Scala.


ScalaCheck is part of Typelevel.scala: supplements to the standard library, and much more.

Functional Programming

scalacheck-toolbox aims to make functional programming easier to understand and more accessible to all.