sbt-microsites is an SBT plugin that facilitates the creation of fancy microsites for your projects, with minimal tweaks.

What is a microsite?

A microsite is an instance of Jekyll that’s ready to publish a static web page for your new library. Some of the benefits of having these auto-generated web pages are:

  • You can write documentation easily in markdown format.
  • Templates, layouts, styles and other resources will be available through the plugin at compile time.
  • You don’t have to deal with the styling.


This plugin is based on and utilizes other awesome sbt plugins to make it possible. It integrates everything in a few basic steps to automatically create and publish the microsite to GitHub Pages.

The plugin provides basic free styles, css, and image resources by default. Everything is based on the Bootstrap framework. If you want to personalize the color palette, styles, and images for your project, you can easily do so by viewing the steps in the documentation.

Document search is provided by the Lunr.js project for client-side search functionality.

In order to create microsites, this plugin directly uses the following plugins and libraries:

Additionally, it depends on other useful libraries and plugins like: